Women Water Polo XIII World League 2016 Shanghai (CHN) 07-12.06 - Winner United States
Men World League 2016 Super Final
Finals - Day 6
Gamedatetimetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
FinalSun 12.06.1619:00United States13-9Spain3-27-410-7
3-4Sun 12.06.1617:30Australia10-3China3-28-39-3
5-6Sun 12.06.1616:00Italy10-8Russia5-37-58-6
7-8Sun 12.06.1614:30Canada12-6Brazil3-16-19-2
Day 5 - Semi-Finals (1/2)
1/2Sat 11.06.1617:40Spain10-8Australia3-44-47-7
1/2Sat 11.06.1619:00United States11-5China3-15-27-4
5-8Sat 11.06.1615:00Italy7-6Brazil1-42-46-5
5-8Sat 11.06.1616:20Russia15-4Canada4-08-011-1
Day 4 - Quarter-Finals (1/4)
1/4Fri 10.06.1615:00Spain8-5Italy4-25-26-3
1/4Fri 10.06.1616:20Australia11-2Brazil3-08-011-0
1/4Fri 10.06.1617:40United States14-7Russia4-28-412-4
1/4Fri 10.06.1619:00China13-8Canada4-26-310-4
Final rankingPtswdlgfgag+-
1.United States1860081:41+40
China - Host.
Spain, Italy and Russia from Women Europe 2016.
United States, Australia, Canada and Brazil more from Women Intercontinental 2016.
Best not qualified teams: Hungary (-.), Netherlands (-.), Greece (-.).

Groups Round.

All teams progress to 1/4 Finals.
Group Apwdlgfgag+-
1. Australia930034:20+14
2. China620120:25-5
3. Italy310223:29-6
4. Russia000326:29-3
China ----8:79:8
Italy ----9:8
Russia ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
Tue 07.06.1617:40Australia11-10Russia3-45-58-6
Tue 07.06.1619:30China8-7Italy2-25-56-7
Wed 08.06.1616:20Italy9-8Russia3-06-38-5
Wed 08.06.1619:00Australia10-3China2-03-17-2
Thu 09.06.1616:20Australia13-7Italy3-16-39-5
Thu 09.06.1619:00China9-8Russia2-16-37-5
Group Bpwdlgfgag+-
1. United States930043:20+23
2. Spain620136:30+6
3. Canada310236:31+5
4. Brazil000312:46-34
United States----12:1011:820:2
Spain ----16:1210:6
Canada ----16:4
Brazil ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
Tue 07.06.1615:00Spain16-12Canada3-19-711-9
Tue 07.06.1616:20United States20-2Brazil4-011-015-0
Wed 08.06.1615:00Spain10-6Brazil2-14-17-4
Wed 08.06.1617:40United States11-8Canada4-28-59-7
Thu 09.06.1615:00United States12-10Spain4-28-59-7
Thu 09.06.1617:40Canada16-4Brazil3-16-111-1
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