Ice Hockey World Championships and Olympic Games Archive
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Men Men 2018SwedenSwitzerlandUnited States
Women Women 2017United StatesCanadaFinland
Summary 2017
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MenGoldSilverBronzeLower Mens
Men 2018SwedenSwitzerlandUnited StatesMen II 2018Men III 2018Men IV 2018
Men 2017SwedenCanadaFinlandMen II 2017Men III 2017Men IV 2017
Men 2016CanadaFinlandRussiaMen II 2016Men III 2016Men IV 2016
Men 2015CanadaRussiaUnited StatesMen II 2015Men III 2015Men IV 2015
Men 2014RussiaFinlandSwedenMen II 2014Men III 2014Men IV 2014
Olympics 2014CanadaSwedenFinland
Men 2013SwedenSwitzerlandUnited StatesMen II 2013Men III 2013Men IV 2013
Men 2012RussiaSlovakiaCzechiaMen II 2012Men III 2012Men IV 2012
Men 2011FinlandSwedenCzechiaMen II 2011Men III 2011Men IV 2011
Men 2010CzechiaRussiaSwedenMen II 2010Men III 2010Men IV 2010
Olympics 2010CanadaUnited StatesFinland
Men 2009RussiaCanadaSwedenMen II 2009Men III 2009Men IV 2009
Men 2008RussiaCanadaFinlandMen II 2008Men III 2008Men IV 2008
Men 2007CanadaFinlandRussiaMen II 2007Men III 2007Men IV 2007
Men 2006SwedenCzechiaFinlandMen II 2006Men III 2006Men IV 2006
Olympics 2006SwedenFinlandCzechia
Men 2005Czech RepublicCanadaRussiaMen II 2005Men III 2005Men IV 2005
Men 2004CanadaSwedenUnited StatesMen II 2004Men III 2004Men IV 2004
Men 2003CanadaSwedenSlovakiaMen II 2003Men III 2003Men IV 2003
Men 2002SlovakiaRussiaSwedenMen II 2002Men III 2002Men IV 2002
Olympics 2002CanadaUnited StatesRussia
Men 2001CzechiaFinlandSwedenMen II 2001Men III 2001
Men 2000CzechiaSlovakiaFinlandMen II 2000Men III 2000Men IV 2000
Men 1999CzechiaFinalndSwedenMen II 1999Men III 1999Men IV 1999
Men 1998SwedenFinlandCzech RepublicMen II 1998Men III 1998Men IV 1998
Olympics 1998CzechiaRussiaFinland
Men 1997CanadaSwedenCzech RepublicMen II 1997Men III 1997Men IV 1997
Men 1996CzechiaCanadaRussiaMen II 1996Men III 1996Men IV 1996
Men 1995FinlandSwedenCanadaMen II 1995Men III 1995Men IV 1995
Men 1994CanadaFinlandSwedenMen II 1994Men III 1994Men IV 1994
Olympics 1994SwedenCanadaFinland
Men 1993RussiaSwedenCzech RepublicMen II 1993Men III 1993
Men 1992SwedenFinlandCzechoslovakiaMen II 1992Men III 1992Men IV 1992
Olympics 1992Soviet UnionCanadaCzechoslovakia
Men 1991SwedenCanadaSoviet UnionMen II 1991Men III 1991
Men 1990Soviet UnionSwedenCzechoslovakiaMen II 1990Men III 1990Men IV 1990
Men 1989Soviet UnionCanadaCzechoslovakiaMen II 1989Men III 1989Men IV 1989
Olympics 1988Soviet UnionFinlandSweden
Men 1987SwedenSoviet UnionCzechoslovakiaMen II 1987Men III 1987Men IV 1987
Men 1986Soviet UnionSwedenCanadaMen II 1986Men III 1986
Men 1985CzechoslovakiaCanadaSoviet UnionMen II 1985Men III 1985
Olympics 1984Soviet UnionCzechoslovakiaSweden
Men 1983Soviet UnionCzechoslovakiaCanadaMen II 1983Men III 1983
Men 1982Soviet UnionCzechoslovakiaCanadaMen II 1982Men III 1982
Men 1981Soviet UnionSwedenCzechoslovakiaMen II 1981Men III 1981
Olympics 1980United StatesSoviet UnionSweden
Men 1979Soviet UnionCzechoslovakiaSwedenMen II 1979Men III 1979
Men 1978Soviet UnionCzechoslovakiaCanadaMen II 1978Men III 1978
Men 1977CzechoslovakiaSwedenSoviet UnionMen II 1977Men III 1977
Men 1976CzechoslovakiaSoviet UnionSwedenMen II 1976Men III 1976
Olympics 1976Soviet UnionCzechoslovakiaWest Germany
Men 1975Soviet UnionCzechoslovakiaSwedenMen II 1975Men III 1975
Men 1974Soviet UnionCzechoslovakiaSwedenMen II 1974Men III 1974
Men 1973Soviet UnionSwedenCzechoslovakiaMen II 1973Men III 1973
Men 1972CzechoslovakiaSoviet UnionSwedenMen II 1972Men III 1972
Olympics 1972Soviet UnionUnited StatesCzechoslovakia
Men 1971Soviet UnionCzechoslovakiaSwedenMen II 1971Men III 1971
Men 1970Soviet UnionSwedenCzechoslovakiaMen II 1970Men III 1970
Men 1969Soviet UnionSwedenCzechoslovakiaMen II 1969Men III 1969
Olympics 1968Soviet UnionCzechoslovakiaCanada
Men 1967Soviet UnionSwedenCanadaMen II 1967Men III 1967
Men 1966Soviet UnionCzechoslovakiaCanadaMen II 1966Men III 1966
Men 1965Soviet UnionCzechoslovakiaSwedenMen II 1965
Olympics 1964Soviet UnionSwedenCanada
Men 1963Soviet UnionSwedenCzechoslovakiaMen II 1963Men III 1963
Men 1962SwedenCanadaUnited States
Men 1961CanadaCzechoslovakiaSoviet UnionMen II 1961Men III 1961
Olympics 1960United StatesCanadaSoviet Union
Men 1959CanadaSoviet UnionCzechoslovakia
Men 1958CanadaSoviet UnionSweden
Men 1957SwedenSoviet UnionCzechoslovakia
Olympics 1956Soviet UnionUnited StatesCanada
Men 1955CanadaSoviet UnionCzechoslovakiaMen II 1955
Men 1954Soviet UnionCanadaCzechoslovakia
Men 1953SwedenWest GermanySwitzerlandMen II 1953
Olympics 1952CanadaUnited StatesSwedenMen II 1952
Men 1951CanadaSwedenSwitzerlandMen II 1951
Men 1950CanadaUnited StatesSwitzerland
Men 1949CzechoslovakiaCanadaUnited States
Olympics 1948CanadaCzechoslovakiaSwitzerland
Men 1947CzechoslovakiaSwedenAustria
Men 1939CanadaUnited StatesSwitzerland
Men 1938CanadaEnglandCzechoslovakia
Men 1937CanadaEnglandSwitzerland
Olympics 1936Great BritainCanada United States
Men 1935CanadaSwitzerlandEngland
Men 1934CanadaUnited StatesGermany
Men 1933United StatesCanadaCzechoslovakia
Olympics 1932CanadaGermanyUnited States
Men 1931CanadaUnited StatesAustria
Men 1930CanadaGermanySwitzerland
Olympics 1928CanadaSwedenSwitzerland
Olympics 1924CanadaUnited StatesGreat Britain
Olympics 1920CanadaUnited StatesCzechoslovakia
WomenGoldSilverBronzeLower Women
Women 2015United StatesCanadaFinlandWomen II 2015Women III 2015Women IV 2015Women V 2015Women VI 2015
Olympics 2014
Women 2013United StatesCanadaRussiaWomen II 2013Women III 2013Women IV 2013Women V 2013Women VI 2013
Women 2012CanadaUnited StatesSwitzerlandWomen II 2012Women III 2012Women IV 2012Women V 2012Women VI 2012
Women 2011United StatesCanadaFinlandWomen II 2011Women III 2011Women IV 2011Women V 2011Women VI 2011
Olympics 2010
Women 2009United StatesCanadaFinlandWomen II 2009Women III 2009
Women 2008United StatesCanadaFinlandWomen II 2008Women III 2008Women IV 2008
Women 2007CanadaUnited StatesSwedenWomen II 2007Women III 2007Women IV 2007Women V 2007
Olympics 2006CanadaSwedenUnited States
Women 2005United StatesCanadaSwedenWomen II 2005Women III 2005Women IV 2005Women V 2005
Women 2004CanadaUnited StatesFinlandWomen II 2004Women III 2004Women IV 2004
Women 2003 Women II 2003Women III 2003Women IV 2003
Olympics 2002CanadaUnited StatesSweden
Women 2001CanadaUnited StatesRussiaWomen II 2001Women III 2001
Women 2000CanadaUnited StatesFinlandWomen II 2000Women III 2000
Women 1999CanadaUnited StatesFinlandWomen II 1999Women III 1999
Olympics 1998United StatesCanadaFinland
Women 1997CanadaUnited StatesFinland
Women 1994CanadaUnited StatesFinland
Women 1992CanadaUnited StatesFinland
Women 1990CanadaUnited StatesFinland

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